Frequently Asked Questions-


What equipment do I need to get started?

Peterson Farms Honey provides a 4 frame nuc.  That is the "nucleus" of your new hive.  We do not sell the other woodenware that is required for your new hive.  You will need a bottomboard, cover, a broodbox and 4 additional frames, and a honey super with frames. Those items can be either 8 or 10 frame.  It is best to start out your hobby with one size of equipment and stick with that.  The 4 frame nuc from Peterson Farms Honey will sit in the center of your broodbox and the additional 4 frames will go on each side of the nuc along with the included feeder if you decide to use that style.

Where can I purchase the equipment that I need for my new hive?

If you are handy, you can build some of this equipment.  It is important to use industry standard dimensions.  Otherwise, there are many suppliers that sell the woodenware you will need.  These companies include but are not limited to Mann Lake, Dadant or Fleet Farm.  Also, don't forget a veil, gloves, smoker and hive tool.

I have heard nuc producers use nuc sales to get rid of their junky, old comb.

Our motto is to provide the customer with the best bees, on the best comb, at a fair price.  Because we sell so many nucs every year, we are able to have a frame rotation that allows the majority of the nucs to have comb that is typically no more than 3 years old.  Quite often the frames are all 1 year old. Our bees in our operation drew out more than 30,000 new frames in 2022 and more than 40,000 in 2023!

What strain of queens do you use?

Our queens have predominantly been grafted off the MN Hygienic line.  When we choose our breeders, we have several criteria that we assess.  Some criteria include: choosing the best 2 honey producing hives in each summer yard, buildup/cluster size, temperament, etc... In late February, we will have a liquid nitrogen test performed on the queens that meet the above criteria to help make the final choice on which queens will be used as breeders.  This is called the hygienic test.  We utilize Bee Informed Partnership to do this test.

How do I place my order with Peterson Farms Honey?

Go to our 4 frame nucs page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.  Or email us at [email protected].  Typical pickup date for TX is the last weekend in April or for MN is the 2nd weekend in May.